MARCH 23rd, 2017           PARK TAVERN, ST LOUIS PARK

Join Pro-Choice Resources as we roll for Reproductive Freedom, and strike, spare, and split our way through whole cabinets, oops, I mean frames of reproductive oppression!

Last year we raised more money per bowler than we ever have, and a big thank you to all the bowlers who made that happen. However, we did raise less total funds last year, but this year we shall rise like a phoenix of love and hope intent on burning its way through strikes and patriarchy.

The goal for this year’s Bowl-A-Thon is $85,000, and we will need every dollar as we face the rising tide of oppression bent on talking away access to birth control, abortion care, healthcare, social services for families, protections for LGBTQAI folks, and so many other hard earned rights and freedoms.

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We can’t say for sure, but it would probably involve getting in formation with PCR and working in power and strength to lift up and make real the right to have children, not have children, and to raise children the children we have in healthy and safe. Register now, fundraise and breakdown stigma with us, and then join us at the 24th annual Bowl-A-Thon and celebrate our community and our resilience in overcoming oppression.