Beliza Torres | Queen Pins


I believe and work for reproductive justice, and especially it is important to defend it!!! That is why this year, besides donating, advocating and marching, I am fundraising again for Pro-Choice Resources (PRC) Bowl-a-Thon . For almost 50 years, Pro-Choice Resources has provided advocacy, access, and education services to individuals and families in Minnesota and throughout the Midwest. 

MY goal this year is to raise $350, but I need your help. Your donation big or small will help me support the amazing work PCR does. Since they don't receive funding from the government or large corporations, donations are vital to their ability to support underserved communities. 

Wondering how much to give? It may help to know how your dollars are used:

$25 Purchases safer sex products to distribute in the community.

$50 Helps guide pregnant women, youth, and transgender people to parenting resources (prenatal care, adoption, etc) or abortion care.

$100 Supports advocates at PCR in facilitating EMERGE –PCR’s support group for people who have had abortions.

$250 Provides financial support to one person who is unable to afford abortion care.

$500 Provides one Education & Training Workshop on Abortion Care and Reproductive Justice Advocacy.

$1,500 Keeps us funding abortion care for those in need and keeps the Abortion Assistance Fund Hotline open for one week.

Are you with me? Excellent. To make a donation, just click the “Donate Now” link on the right and fill out the fields. Super easy.

Thank you so much for your help to ensure our reproductive freedom. Individuals like you are essential to our success. 

Funds raised: $725 of $625


Thank you donors
Alison Babb : $25
Go Queen Pins! Thank you for being our costume designer extraordinaire!
Jason Torres : $25
Olivia Levins Holden : $15
Adelante Reinas!
Bernice Arias : $25
Go get 'em Queens!!
Anonymous : $25
Kimberly Ferencik : $100
Anonymous : $50
Ileanexis Guadalupe : $25
Sandra Rodriguez
Javier Morillo : $25
Anh Pham : $25
Neeltje van Marissing : $25
Jill Inderstrodt
Ellen Cleary : $25
Knock 'em down!
Jennifer Potter-Miller : $35
You rock Beliza!
Mariely Lopez-Santana
Myrna Cuevas
Yadilette Rivera-Colon : $25
We need this more than ever. Let's do it for us!
Sarah Myers : $50
Jarrod Julius : $100
Keep up the good work!