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Funds raised: $126,453 Goal: $95,000

Wondering how much to give? It may help to know how your dollars are used:

$25       Purchases safer sex products to distribute in the community.

$50       Helps guide pregnant women, youth, and transgender people to abortion care or parenting resources (prenatal care, adoption, etc).

$100     Supports advocates at PCR in facilitating EMERGE –PCR’s support group for people who have had abortions.

$250     Provides financial support to one person who is unable to afford abortion care.

$500     Provides one Education & Training Workshop on Abortion Care and Reproductive Justice Advocacy.

$1,500  Keeps us funding abortion care for those in need and keeps the Abortion Assistance Fund Hotline open for one week.

Offline DOnations

Click here to download and print the offline donation form. This is the form that bowlers should use to record cash and check donations they have collected.